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Cold Pressed - Marachekku Oil manufacturers in Chennai

Chennai known as the gateway of India retains most of its traditional practices even in this current modern age. One of those practices is producing oils naturally, like the old times using the Chekku. Usually in southern India oil is produced by pressing the coconut, groundnut in a wooden churner which gives a pure form of oil without any toxic ingredients. We Dappakadai, produce and sell Marachekku Oil in Chennai with great quality without any adulteration for our customers. In Dappakadi all the edible oils are made like in the Ancient days using a long wooden cylinder called Ghani. By this process, all the minerals and vitamins are retained in the oil since no heating takes place during this method.

We produce Cold Pressed Oil in Chennai without any argemone oils, Paraffin and Chemical. So you can get pure, unadulterated, unrefined oil from our stores in Chennai. In our online store, we have edible oils like coconut oil, Marchenko groundnut oil and gingelly oil produced from wooden pressed coconuts or ground nuts. When compared to pocketed oils our marachekku oil is healthy and natural which helps the younger generation become strong and healthy.

The Chekku Ennai in Chennai is becoming favorite among people due to its healthy and organic nature. Today people are more health conscious than ever before which makes them buy Pure Coconut Oil in Chennai from Dappakadai. Our coconut oil is made from cautiously picked coconuts, then processed by pressing in the wooden churner. The final oil from this process is so pure and organic without any added chemicals which is good for people of all ages.

In our oil, the Anti-oxidants are conserved in the oil since there is no heat involved in the manufacturing process. Antioxidants are very helpful in removing and neutralizing the radicals present in the bloodstream so it is very good for people having heart problems. Our cold pressed groundnut oil has a great content of Niacin (vitamin B) which helps to regulate Blood sugar level.

In our online store, you can find both edible and non-edible oil for sale. The edible oils include coconut oil, groundnut oil, and chekku gingelly oil. The non-edible we possess is castor oil which produced by the same way as the edible oil is produced. We Dappakadai produce one of the best quality of Chekku oil in Bangalore and Chennai, so buy oil from us and lead a healthy lifestyle.

The cold pressed oils are useful for the process of cooking and these are extracted from the vegetables, seeds, fruits, and also even from nuts. The method and the process of cold pressed seeds and nuts are involved to crush and they force the oil to pullout through pressure.

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