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Cold Pressed - Marachekku Oil manufacturers in Bangalore

Cold pressed oil which is commonly known as “Marachekku ennai” in southern India is slowly gaining its momentum in the market. Early days, people used the cold-pressed method to extract oil from seeds. But, in recent years due to industrialization, new methods have been introduced to extract oils. These modern methods of extraction are said to be little hazardous to our health as the process involves a lot of heat. At first, seeds will be crushed and heated under pressure at 230-degree centigrade. By this way, we can extract oil completely from the seeds. But, heating oil with high temperatures changes their properties and the oil molecules behave in unfavorable ways. Thus, with this modern method of extraction, we are not only losing its nutritional value. It is hazardous to our wellbeing as well. There are other modern methods of extraction as well.

We are at Dappakadai using one of the modern methods of Expeller pressing method and it does not involve much heating. It is basically a mechanical process of extraction and this process involves minimal heat as a result of mechanical action

It is said to be altering oil properties as well. Also, oil manufacturers add harmful preservatives to prolong its life.

Nowadays, people have become more health conscious and the trend has shifted to the ancient method of Marachekku oil. The cold-pressing oil extraction process does not involve much heat and it eliminates all the harmful toxins that arise out of the modern age method. In Dappakadai, we are offering pure cold-pressed oils at best prices.

There are many benefits to consuming cold-pressed oil in our daily routine. Dappakadai’s Chekku Ennai retains a good amount of anti-oxidants and is known to be cholesterol free, unrefined and unprocessed. Anti-oxidants help our body to fight against harmful free radicals. Free radicals may play a role in heart disease, cancer, and other diseases. So we can ultimately prevent such tumors and other diseases by regularly consuming cold-pressed oils and other foods that are rich in anti-oxidants. This organic oil helps to improve our immune system as well. Dappakadai’s cold-pressed oils are generally rich in Vitamin E and have anti-inflammatory and healing properties. We should not heat cold-pressed oils too much. They contain unsaturated fats and when heated much, the fat molecules might break down and becomes unsafe for consumption. With the above-mentioned benefits of cold-pressed oil, it is always best to switch from refined oils to healthier chekku Oil.

A meaning of chekku oil is during the process of extraction, the temperature will be maintained for the seeds and nuts at the certain room temperature. It will maintain only the low room temperature. The marachekku oil is extracted and used in a slow mechanical process will be done by a traditional wooden churner.

Lead a happy and healthy life!!!

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